GTAV Review Round-Up

Posted by JCMoorehead on Sep 16 @ 9:09 AM with 4 replies
With GTAV released tomorrow we thought it'd be appropriate to let you know what the various critics thought of Rockstars biggest game to date, stay tuned as we'll have a selection of scores and links to reviews from the various outlets on offer.

Eurogamer - 9/10
Joystiq - 4.5 Stars
Gamespot (UK) - 9/10
IGN - 10/10
Destructoid - 9/10
Polygon - 95/100
Edge - 10/10
Nowgamer - 9.5/10
The Escapist - 3.5 Stars
The Guardian - 5 Stars

So far so very very positive for the title, we'll be adding more in the future but let us know your thoughts below.

Exclusive screenshot!

Posted by JCMoorehead on Sep 9 @ 9:18 AM with 18 replies
With just a week to go, the hype is beyond built for Rockstar's next opus. The media hasn't stopped coming however, with Rockstar sending along this incredible looking Warehouse-exclusive screenshot for you to feast your eyes upon.

Some of our friends at other GTA fansites also received their own exclusive screenshots this morning. Check them out below:
The GTA Place
Rockstar Resource
Rockstar Watch

Radio Stations, More Screenshots, and Other GTAV Updates

Posted by G-WizZ on Sep 7 @ 1:11 PM with 5 replies
With ten days left until the release of Grand Theft Auto V, we're presented with some information on the soundtrack, including snippets of a few radio stations. There are 17 stations in all - 15 music and 2 talk - with genres ranging from hip-hop, punk, country, electronica, and more. Full soundtrack listing and info on the other stations are coming soon. There are 240 songs, and 20 hours of original score.

We've also added another 9 new screenshots to the GTAV gallery, which brings our total up to 170.

Lastly, some updates to the official GTAV site have added some new in-game entertainment clips. Check out what's coming to CNT this fall, see what the Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force is all about, watch the commercial for the EgoChaser Energy Bar, and learn why you need to get a Complete Apocalypse Kit from Ammu-Nation.

Weeklong GTAV Previews and New Screenshots

Posted by G-WizZ on Sep 3 @ 1:43 PM with 4 replies
Nine new screenshots below from today's hands-on preview of Grand Theft Auto V from IGN, the first in a a week-long set of previews. This topic will be updated throughout the week as more screenshots and information are published. Be warned that the preview articles contain mission spoilers, so if you want to play it safe, just stay tuned with GTA Warehouse as we will refrain from posting spoilers.

  • Vehicle handling is vastly improved. More responsive and grippy for low-slung supercars, not superficial or too light.
  • Storefronts are much more unique, and the city feels "living yet lived in".
  • Weapon system, described as "elegant", is similar to Max Payne 3. You never lose your weapons, even if they run out of ammo or you get busted.
  • Police have a much wider search radius than GTAIV, and can employ long-range tactics to take you down.
  • " Aesthetically, Los Santos stands in stark contrast to the somewhat washed-out bleakness of Liberty City."
  • Civilian responses to carjackings are much more varied
  • Mid-mission checkpoints allow you to take more risk during missions without worrying you'll have to start the whole thing from scratch. Missions are also replayable like in Gay Tony.
  • You can go prone and roll in 360 degrees to fire in any direction, like in Max Payne 3.
  • Incredible diversity from the city, its surroundings, the characters, and missions.

Day Two

Day two of IGN's GTAV coverage explains what they did in GTA Online. Now most of what they reveal in this article we've already heard, but it does add to the list of social activities that are available to the players in the persistent, dynamic world.
  • Everything from two-player co-op missions to full-blown 16-player quests.
  • Full 18-hole golf course for up to 4 players.
  • 12-player races which can start in a variety of user-chosen locations.
  • Two-player tennis.
  • Visit a strip club.
  • Get high (with screen-altering effects.
  • Use telescopes to see far off into the distance of the city.
  • Watch TV, either shows, news of friends getting chased by cops, or your own apartment's closed-circuit security cameras.
  • 16 of you can pack into a theater and watch a movie. No other details on this.
  • Use ATM's to save your excess cash. Any cash on you when you die will be up for the taking by anyone who comes across your dead body.

Official Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

Posted by G-WizZ on Aug 29 @ 9:59 AM with 2 replies
Here is the official launch trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Also look for its television debut this Sunday night during AMC's Breaking Bad.

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